The 5 Most Futuristic Cities Being Built Around the World

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The construction of the city of Dubai is a miracle of modern technology, just a few decades ago, the land on which it was built was a primarily barren desert. Today, Dubai is one of the most futuristic cities in the world, its coastline dotted with hundreds of high-rise buildings, including the tallest building of them all, the Burj Khalifa. The skyscrapers in Dubai are some of the most beautiful and unique that you will see in any modern city, utilizing multi-level sky bridges and structures that twist as they rise into the clouds. Dubai is home to Palm Jumeirah, the world’s largest artificial island, and even an underwater restaurant. Tourism continues to bring in a consistent revenue stream for Dubai, with visitors attracted to the city’s skyscrapers, as well as its world-leading cuisine and nightlife.


2. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong’s technology and financial sectors drive much of its economy, and as a result, its citizens benefit from an exceptional transportation system, free Wi-Fi, and numerous parks dotted throughout the city. It has a highly developed, sophisticated transport network. Over 90% of daily trips are made on public transport, the highest percentage in the world. The Octopus card, a contactless smart payment card, is widely accepted on railways, buses, and ferries, and can be used for payment in most retail stores. Emerging technologies including artificial intelligence and biotech are present in the city, and the 22-hectare Science Park features state-of-the-art IT facilities to assist with a range of business start-ups. Hong Kong businesses have been embracing technology for decades, even including fingerprint scanners as part of the verification process for school attendance and using robots to collect orders in restaurants.


3. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Japan is the leading nation for technological innovation its economy is driven by advanced telecommunications, car manufacturing, and high-end robotics. Some of the biggest technology companies originate in Tokyo, many of which are involved in the ongoing development of the futuristic smart city. Autonomous cars are also being tested, powered with solar energy and hydrogen fuel cells. Among the high-rise buildings which characterize Tokyo’s futuristic architecture, you can find some of the most expensive restaurants in the world, renowned for their world-class sushi and other rare delicacies. Tokyo’s municipal government has announced plans to build a high-tech, sustainable city on reclaimed land in its bay area. New technologies will be used to make the city carbon-neutral and better able to withstand future climate and health crises.


4. Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is an international center of research and development and as of 2022, it was ranked 3rd globally and 2nd in the whole Asia & Oceania region (after Beijing) by scientific research outputs, as tracked by the Nature Index. Shanghai has many highly ranked educational institutions with 15 universities listed in 147 Double First-Class Universities ranking second nationwide among all cities in China. The city has a vibrant culture, drawing on a range of influences over the years, including art stretching back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties and parks and resorts to rival the best found anywhere else. Public awareness of the environment is growing, and the city is investing in a number of environmental protection projects. The wastes are collected by separate vehicles and sent to incineration plants, landfills, recycling centers, and hazardous-waste-disposal facilities, respectively.


5. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

Finland’s capital, Helsinki, positioned itself as a leader in innovation in the early 2000s and has maintained that position ever since, with its commitment to technology that includes free Wi-Fi access throughout the city. It is the home to the Linux operating system creator “Linus Torvalds”. The city is currently working on new and exciting tech developments. With the use of drones skyrocketing in recent years, Helsinki is leading the way with healthcare drones, with the potential to revolutionize the way emergency medical services operate. Helsinki has one of the world’s highest standards of urban living. Helsinki also features several buildings by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, recognized as one of the pioneers of architectural functionalism.

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