Coffee table decor ideas that will make a massive impact on your living space

1. Create a centerpiece with details that anchor your entire scheme

Create a centerpiece with details that anchor your entire scheme

A coffee table is often a central feature in a living space and provides an opportunity to unite a scheme through shared elements such as color, pattern, and materials. A well-designed coffee table can elevate a room, no matter the style making it the perfect centerpiece. To almost every coffee table, try to add a candle that adds ambiance through multiple senses and always makes a space feel cozy and inviting, perfect for lounging or entertaining.


2. Add a serving tray

Add a serving tray

Choose a round, rectangular, or organic shape in a patterned or natural finish to suit your style and space. A serving tray is a functional and thoughtful accessory to add to your coffee table while adding texture and design depth. In addition to being visually appealing, a serving tray is a clever way to give a good look to your coffee table. Let the material of your coffee table dictate the color scheme of the things you plan on placing on top.


3. Zone your coffee table

Zone your coffee table

Create different areas of interest on your tabletop with grouped items in varying heights, materials, and textures. Consider implementing various zones of accessories strategically placed on the table. You can also add greenery next to your coffee table. Allow your coffee table to double as guest seating by layering a comfortable ottoman underneath. Atop your table, decorate with seasonal blooms and a few color-coordinated objects to let the room’s color scheme really shine.


4. Add color pops with fresh flowers

Add color pops with fresh flowers

A simple arrangement of seasonal flowers is an instant update that will brighten up your entire space. While fresh lilies will add plenty of fragrance, candles can boost the aroma of a room. Our favorite candles also double as a pretty decorative element. Instead of a big coffee table, use sculptural cylinders that can be easily moved around. You can find flowers in every color, so choose based on the shade that works best with the rest of the room.


5. Coffee tables as art

Coffee tables as art

Choose a black coffee table design that makes an impactful statement through form and finish alone. They don’t detract from the other stylistic elements generally incorporated into a living room. Besides being beautiful in their simplicity, they are also functional. It will give an artistic look to your environment. Apart from that, your guest will be happy with your creativity. Almost anything can be used as coffee table decoration. Fake fruits, books, candles, and even your children’s toys can be utilized to make the normally barren surface more interesting.

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