How Long Is Yogurt Good After Its Expiration Date? 

How long past the expiration date does yogurt usually last?

How long past the expiration date does yogurt usually last?

Usually, we assume that yogurt is a product that can last in the refrigerator indefinitely, maybe not forever. Normally yogurt may be good for up to two weeks after its expiration date. Do you know what the label of the product actually says? The Best if Used By indicates that when a product will have the best flavor and quality. While Use by date indicates the last recommended date to use the product while it’s still at its best. Before throwing the product it’s good to check it first like the look or the smell of the product.


Can you eat expired yogurt?

Can you eat expired yogurt?

Yogurt with Best by date isn’t technically expired. As it is ok to eat yogurt beyond this date. The thing is that it is only going to get more acidic and ferment more over time in your refrigerator. Firstly one should know the difference between expired and spoiled. Expired yogurt can be consumed two weeks after even its expiration date. While spoiled yogurt’s looks and smells will change it can taste and smell weird. With an off-putting sour taste as the good bacteria within it slowly continue to ferment lactose into lactic acid. But spoilage can also make yogurt unsafe to eat.


4 tips for safely consuming yogurt past its Best if Used By date


Here are some tips for making sure that what you’re consuming is still safe to eat.

1. Refrigerate it promptly

Refrigerate it promptly

Yogurt kept unrefrigerated for two hours or less is still safe to eat. But mold and bacteria can grow easily at room temperature. So there are chances that the product may spoil more quickly. Mostly if the product contains fruit or added sugars. The yogurt left at room temperature for more than two hours can make you ill, so it’s better to refrigerate it.


2. Check how it looks and smells

Check how it looks and smells

Usually, germs that cause food poisoning don’t always cause off-flavors or smells. You can check or inspect the yogurt if it has a curdled texture or a rancid smell it is better to throw and be safe. Anyhow it will not taste good.


3. Freeze it!

Freeze it!

If you feel that your yogurt is about to expire and you don’t have any use for it.  I recommend you freeze it. As per the studies, yogurt remains fresh in the freezer for 1 to 2 months. While freezing it make sure to note the time needed to thaw it safely. Consume it within the timeframe.


4. Be aware of the factors that make yogurt spoil sooner

Be aware of the factors that make yogurt spoil sooner

From the container of yogurt, you dig into every few days, always make sure to use a clean spoon to take out a portion of the serving. Afterward, reseal the container tightly. Store the yogurt on a refrigerator shelf and not the inside of the door.


How to Tell If Yogurt Has Gone Bad

1. Texture


You can also check your yogurt by its texture. If you open the container of yogurt and notice it has curdled that means it is not in good condition and better not to use it. As yogurt is supposed to be smooth and creamy.


2. Smell


You can actually tell whether your yogurt has gone bad by smelling it. If yogurt smells sour or rancid, it’s best to throw it out. Some types of yogurt, especially plain yogurt, may have a light tangy scent. If you are unsure about it then it’s better to be on the safe side and throw it.


3. Visual appearance

Visual appearance

Visual inspection can also help you to tell whether your yogurt is in good condition or not. If you open a container and notice mold on the yogurt’s surface. Then the yogurt is no longer safe to consume. As it can eventually make you ill.


4. Liquid


Usually, when you open a yogurt container, you will get to see some liquid at the surface which is normal. As it is whey and it totally normal for some whey to appear. If in case you open a container of yogurt with an excess amount of liquid, it’s good to skip eating the yogurt.

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