Panel: How would a potential fight between Gervonta “Tank” Davis and Ryan Garcia unfold?

Gary Logan (Former Southern Area welterweight champion)

This potential fight is delicious. “Tank” is so underrated as a boxer and is a brilliant finisher, too. Ryan hits hard but Tank’s higher level of opposition will speak volumes. Don’t get me wrong, if Ryan detonates, they fall heavy, but so too do opponents when Tank lands. I think Ryan will find it hard to land on a smaller man who enjoys punching up. I can see Tank sizing him up and dismantling him. He will take a few but get the stoppage in either the eighth or ninth round.

John Fewkes (Former Central Area super-lightweight champion)

I think it’s one to get excited about. But, for me, Davis would be too much for Garcia. Although Garcia has looked great and has all the moves, I’m not sure he has the substance, the heart and the coconuts required to get through the tough patches he will have with Davis. Davis, on the other hand, has, as well as talent, that bit of devil about him. So I’d go with Davis inside the distance.

Wayne Alexander (Former European super-welterweight champion)

It would be a very good and exciting all-action fight; maybe a “Fight of the Year” contender. Both are very skilful, unbeaten boxer-punchers. I believe Gervonta hits harder and Garcia is faster. Davis is the more experienced and also a southpaw. He has boxed better opponents and has won titles at multiple weights. It’s for that reason I believe Davis will get through a tricky first half of the fight to take over and control Garcia, eventually winning either by late stoppage or on points.

Kieran Farrell (Former Central Area lightweight champion)

Honestly, I think “Tank” would get the KO. But I think it all depends on whether or not Garcia can keep Tank off of him. I can certainly see Garcia collecting a lot of rounds in the early and middle stages of the fight. But then I can see Tank catching up with him and scoring the knockout.

Gervonta Davis lands on Hector Garcia (Westcott)

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