National Floors Direct Explains How to Protect a Floor During the Holiday Season

A steady stream of visitors, extra baking, and other activities can strain any home’s flooring greatly. Thankfully, there are things homeowners can do to prevent stains, scratches, dents, and other forms of damage. National Floors Direct, a direct-to-consumer flooring company known for its top-tier flooring and rock-bottom prices, offers some insight into how to protect your floors from damage during the holiday season.

Rugs, floor mats, and runners are ideal for protecting any type of flooring from stains, moisture, and other forms of damage. What’s more, these can also prevent accidents by providing visitors a place where they can wipe their shoes to avoid tracking water into the home. Those concerned about home decor will likely want to find mats and rugs that match the room’s overall ambiance; however, this is optional if the carpets and mats are only used during busy times of the year. Those with a limited budget may want to look for mats and rugs at secondhand stores; these floor coverings can protect flooring more effectively than those purchased from high-end department stores.

Proper cleaning and maintenance are also important. National Floors Direct points out. Applying non-slip wax to a wooden floor prevents damage caused by slip and fall accidents while protecting the wood from damage caused by excessive moisture. Homeowners who live in snowy climates will want to wax their floors as soon as possible after snowy weather starts; however, even those who live in warm areas should take this measure to protect their flooring from moisture. Checking the flooring for uneven spots and repairing these immediately is also wise, as uneven flooring can let moisture into the subfloor, causing damage that would be costly and difficult to repair. Furthermore, the company explains that choosing floor-cleaning chemicals with care is important. It is tempting to use the strongest floor cleansers on the market to ensure the floor looks its best before family and friends arrive; however, using the wrong cleaners can cause lasting damage to a floor that can be difficult, if not impossible, to undo. Instead, pay attention to spills and clean them up as soon as they occur. Sweep or vacuum regularly and use a mop with minimal water to clean mud and residue.

It can seem difficult or even impossible to prevent all forms of damage to flooring, even if one is extra careful and takes precautionary, proactive measures to protect the home’s flooring in advance of the holiday season. However, National Floors Direct explains that the pointers outlined above can greatly reduce the odds of serious damage, enabling a homeowner to focus on spending time with family and friends rather than flooring repairs. At the same time, a homeowner who finds that their flooring is simply not holding up this busy holiday season may consider replacing it with a more suitable type of flooring. National Floors Direct offers some great options, does fast installation work, and, as multiple National Floors Direct reviews show, takes pride in providing the best materials and workmanship at the best possible price.    

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