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The word “incontinence” means lack of voluntary control over urination or defecation. This term has been recently used by the person accused of urinating on a 70-year-old aboard an Air India flight to get himself off the hook. He has said 80 per cent of Kathak dancers have this problem, and since the 70-year-old is a Kathak dancer, she had urinary incontinence. 

Honestly, it is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. There is no scientific evidence that can connect Kathak or any dance form to incontinence. Being a Kathak dancer myself, controlling one’s movements and mind is a foundation of the art form. There are times all performing arts professionals that include dancers have to be on stage for hours. 

Our costumes take a lot of time to wear and we are quite mindful to manage the challenges of a full bladder. If this statement is true, all the stages and shows where Kathak is performed would have pools of urine on them.  

The foundation of our classical dance training is based on the fundamentals of Yoga — like self-control, strengthening of various muscles in our body including our pelvic muscles, and providing a strong and mindful mental framework. Kathak teaches us not only about the dance form but also about our Indian culture, heritage, values, and deep understanding of our bodies. 

The principles of this dance form automatically help us to develop an innate respect for people and the environment around us. We are conscious of never doing anything to inconvenience anyone even remotely. So, definitely, this person has no clue even remotely about anything to do with this dance form when he is making all these claims.

Statistically, 80 per cent means 8 out of 10. I know many accomplished Kathak dancers who are quite elderly and are very active in the performing arts circuit, and I haven’t seen any of them suffering from incontinence. My heart goes out to this 70-year-old dancer who has to deal with someone so incorrigible. 

I think the accused is suffering from hallucination. Since he was drunk on the flight, as claimed in reports, I feel he has just not yet woken up from his drunken stupor. He is just looking for loopholes to save himself from the embarrassment that he has caused himself.

The author is a Kathak dancer and educator.

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