I have 30H boobs – I found the best sports bra, it reduces bounce by 70%

A WOMAN with a size 30H chest has found a sports bra that, she claims, reduces bounce by 70 percent.

The TikTok account for Stella Leah Sports Bras reshared the clip, which shows a woman jogging outside while holding her hands to her chest to prevent her boobs from painfully bouncing.

A woman held onto her chest while it bounced when running


A woman held onto her chest while it bounced when runningCredit: TikTok/highsupportsportsbra01

She wore a low-cut sports bra and her chest spilled out of it and bounced with each stride on the ground.

“When you [haven’t] put on the right bra… for you 30H chest,” text on the screen read.

The video cut to her at home wearing a different black sports bra with a less revealing scoop neckline. The woman adjusted a thick Velcro strap, pulling it taut over her shoulders.

It then revealed that it was a Stella Leah sports bra

The woman began jogging in place for a bounce test.

She turned to the side to show her profile while in motion. Her chest was bouncing substantially less than earlier because of the sports bra’s coverage and compression.

Text read: “Reduces bounce by 70%” This claim comes directly from Stella Leah’s website.

The company currently only offers the Extreme Sports Bra for High Impact, which retails for $55.

It features adjustable straps, two-way stretch and sweatproof fabric, and built-in bra cups.

In addition to claiming to reduce bounce, the company says their bra is specifically designed for big-busted ladies, is wireless and sweatproof, and has built-in molded cups.

The product is offered in cup sizes 30D through 44H.

The same woman also appeared to leave a review on the product’s webpage. “Best sportsbra I have ever owned so far!” she claimed, alongside photos of her wearing the product.

Before discovering Sarah Leah, the woman said she only wore sports bras by the brand Panache Lingerie.

“But this bra is even better than Panache! I do HIIT [high-intensity interval training] and the high impact bra holds everything in place with the most comfortable support!” she wrote.

So, whether running or doing burpees, this sports bra may be the saving grace for large-chested women.

The woman was wearing a Stella Leah sports bra


The woman was wearing a Stella Leah sports braCredit: TikTok/highsupportsportsbra01
When she ran in place, her chest mostly stayed in place


When she ran in place, her chest mostly stayed in placeCredit: TikTok/highsupportsportsbra01

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