Bandi slams police curbs on kite flying

HYDERABAD: With the Hyderabad police regulating flying of kites on city thoroughfares as well as in and around places of worship, BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar questioned the order saying it was the “Telangana government’s version” of stopping activities under the pretext of law and order or “breach of peace”.

As per the orders, which will remain from January 14 to January 16, flying of kites on thoroughfares, and in and around places of worship has been prohibited to “prevent incidents of breach of peace and accidents that are likely to occur unless kite flying is regulated.”

On Thursday night, Sanjay turned to Twitter to severely criticise the police orders, asking if “there are any restrictions on size, locations, and colours for rangoli too?”

This is not the first time that the state BJP chief has taken up cudgels against the police on Hindu-centric issues. These include his protest against the state government allowing comedian Munawar Faruqui to perform in the city under heavy police protection, or comments made by some individuals against Hindu Gods, including the recent incident of Bairi Naresh’s comments on Lord Ayyappa.

Earlier on Wednesday, addressing a public meeting in Kollapur, Sanjay remarked that the Telangana government acted “very softly” on anyone who criticised Hindus, Hinduism, or Hindu deities.

“When we question this attitude, the police file cases against us. Restrictions are placed on Hindus while minority gurukul schools run by the government allow namaz five times a day. But at the same time, Ayyappa devotees are not given the freedom to perform pujas, as are devotees of other deities. The BJP will work to protect the Hindu dharma,” he said.

Earlier on Thursday, the Hyderabad police advised parents to guide and supervise their children and not fly kites from terraces without parapet walls in order to avoid any untoward incidents or accidents.

“They are also urged to advise children not to run on the roads or vulnerable locations when flying kites or collect stray kites. They should also advise children not to run on the streets or collect kites from electric poles,” according to the police orders.

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