YouTubers TikTokers And Social Media Influencers ‘Not Allowed’ In Pakistan National Assembly Premises

The Pakistan National Assembly Secretariat has prohibited YouTubers, TikTokers, and other social media influencers from entering its grounds, as per media reports. News agency ANI reported citing ARY news report, the decision was made in response to an incident of misbehaviour with parliamentarians by certain unauthorised YouTubers/social media influencers at Gate No 1 of Parliament House on December 23, last year.

Furthermore, the Pakistan National Assembly Secretariat has decided to allow only reporters, journalists, and media professionals affiliated with Accredited Media Organizations to enter the country, along with a valid registration card from a concerned media organisation.

According to the news report, social media influencers who want to cover the National Assembly’s proceedings must obtain a PID and a valid session card before entering the Parliament House.

Pakistan’s national daily Dawn said that the incident was reported to the Press Reporters Association. The Press Reporters Association, on the other hand, distanced itself from YouTubers and social media influencers, emphasising that they were only accountable for their members.

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According to Dawn, Press Reporters Association Secretary General Asif Bashir Chaudhry stated that the organisation does not support any form of ban on citizen journalists. Chaudhry emphasised that the PRA thought that all Pakistanis, not just journalists, have the right to freedom.

Earlier this year, Karachi police detained phoney cops in police uniforms with false employment cards in the New Karachi Industrial Area, as stated in the ARY News report.

After suspicious cops were stopped for a snap check, the phoney cops were recognised. As per the report, authorities discovered that all of the men were TikTokers who were roaming around in police uniforms capturing films for social media. Umaish, Usama, and Mehdi were among the men arrested in the case. 

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