Who Are The Best Raiding Teams Partners? Pro Kabaddi Season 9

Best raiding teams, Being a successful squad in vivo Pro Kabaddi Season 9 required having two players who could consistently score raid points because putting too much focus on one player leaves little room for error. In light of this, starting 7 lineups typically included a few players who could score in raids.

After that, let’s examine the Best raiding teams in vivo Pro Kabaddi Season 9.

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Vikash and Bharat Kandola (Bengaluru Bulls)

Bengaluru Bulls defeated Tamil Thalaivas 45-28 Best raiding teams in front of a full Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium on Wednesday to earn their third victory of the year and move up to the third position in the standings. For the Bulls, who decisively ended a two-match losing trend, Bharat (12 points), Vikash Kandola (7 points), and Neeraj Narwal (5 points) were the top raiders. In the opening minutes of play, both teams traded points, and much like the first game of the evening, both defenses applied themselves laxly, giving raiders the chance to easily increase their tally.

Bengaluru Bulls’ decision to raid with Bharat was a sound one. Bharat excelled at raiding and had 279 raid points, making him the greatest raider for his team. With his superb raids, he carried the squad for the majority of the season. Vikash Kandola, who also starred for the Bulls during the campaign with a total of 135 raid points, assisted him.

Ajith Kumar and Arjun Deshwal (Jaipur Pink Panthers)

The Jaipur Pink Panthers led 6-2 in the sixth minute thanks in part to a couple of raid points by Arjun Deshwal. Also joining the group, V Ajith Kumar aided Jaipur’s further progress. The Warriors were down to only two players on the mat after a superb raid by Deshwal in the tenth minute Best raiding teams.

After forcing an all-out a short while later, the Panthers jumped out to a commanding 13-4 lead. The Jaipur defense proved to be tough to get through as the Pink Panthers kept growing their lead, making it difficult for Maninder Singh and Shrikant Jadhav. As the game entered the 18th minute, Jaipur continued to rage and launched another all-out, winning 23-7.

With 296 raid points for the Jaipur Pink Panthers in Season 9, Arjun Deshwal, one of the top players in vivo Pro Kabaddi, lived up to the team’s expectations. He carried on from the previous edition and was the Top Cats’ match-winner. The gifted V Ajith Kumar contributed 100 raid points and was crucial for the Panther’s Best raiding teams.

Ashu Malik and Naveen Kumar (Dabang Delhi K.C)

In LIVE Pro Kabaddi Season 9, The Naveen Express was once again the buzz of the town for his franchise. The Dabang captain’s 254 raid points were a major factor in Dabang Delhi K.C.’s triumph this season. Ashu Malik, who had 141 raid points to his name, raided alongside Naveen Kumar and posed a threat to the opposition’s Best raiding teams.

In the first few minutes of the game, Sonu executed a SUPER RAID, which assisted the Giants in gaining ground. The Gujarat team then inflicted an ALL OUT, taking a commanding 10-3 lead in the fifth minute. At 8-11, Delhi was still in the game thanks to touchpoints from Naveen Kumar and Ashu Malik. Soon later, Naveen carried out another raid and left only two Giants on the mat. The Delhi team persisted in their fury, forcing an ALL OUT in the 12th minute, but the Giants were still up 15-14 Best raiding teams.

Shrikant Jadhav and Maninder Singh (Bengal Warriors)

Bengal Warriors defeated Gujarat Giants 46-27 in Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) Season 9 action at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex thanks to heroic efforts from Maninder Singh (12 points) and Shrikant Jadhav (10 points).

Super-Mani, one of the Warriors’ key players, was in incredible form. For Bengal Warriors, Maninder Singh got 238 raid points during a spectacular season. He was complemented in terms of raiding by Shrikant Jadhav, another seasoned combatant. Jadhav, who is active, scored 123 raid points for the group. Best raiding teams.

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Ajinkya and Narender Pawar (Tamil Thalaivas)

For the Thalaivas, Narender proved to be a game-changer because he appeared invincible on offense. With 243 raid points for Tamil Thalaivas, Narender led all scorers in that Vivo Pro Kabaddi season. Ajinkya Pawar also delivered a powerful performance, scoring 130 raid points for the group’s Best raiding teams.

After that, the team led by Ajinkya Pawar began to solidify its position and reached a point when it was up by eight points before K Hanumanthu of the Telugu Titans began to make some daring raids to cut into the lead. However, the Tamil Thalaivas’ defense soon began to play well, and M Abhishek and Mohit’s resolute play helped them quickly build a 7-point advantage.

Ajinkya Pawar assisted in inflicting an ALL-OUT on the Telugu Titans before the end of the first half, bringing up his Super 10 in the process. The Tamil Thalaivas were comfortably in the lead at the half, leading 26-16 Best raiding teams.

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