Viral Video Biker Gets Knocked Off By Errant Car Driver Gets Run Over By Tanker Crawls Out Watch

People like the driver of the car in the video must be very careful even when the vehicle they are driving is not in motion.

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Viral Video: Biker Gets Knocked Off By Errant Car Driver, Gets Run Over By Tanker, Crawls Out | Watch

Viral Video: It is always acceptable if we make a mistake and are made to pay for that because we are responsible for that. But when we are doing things right and have to suffer because of someone else’s folly or stupidity then it’s a big NO. Imagine getting slipped on a banana skin eaten by someone else. You get hurt because that person threw civic sense out of the window.

Something similar has been shown in this video that is going viral on social media. A biker passes by a parked car and the driver opens the door banging it against his bike, the biker is run over by a tanker, who crawls out safely.


It is a miracle that the biker did not suffer serious injuries.

Published Date: January 10, 2023 11:40 PM IST

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