Video of 100s of holidaymakers filmed racing for sunbeds at Spanish hotel goes viral

A VIDEO showing a load of holidaymakers at a hotel in Benidorm battling over sunbeds has gone viral.

Every year tourists are seen getting up as early as possible so they can be the first to reserve sun loungers at hotels with their towels.

The guests were seen queueing up so they could put their towels out


The guests were seen queueing up so they could put their towels outCredit: TikTok/lynseycassidy1

That was no different in Benidorm last year where holidaymakers were filmed queueing up to get the best spots next to the swimming pool.

Footage of the battle was filmed by Tiktok user Lynsey Cassidy (@lynseycassidy1) who witnessed the action unfolding.

She said the daily sunbed war was “a bit of entertainment in the morning.”

Lynsey’s video has been seen thousands of times with other people shocked by what they had seen.

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One wrote: “Is it always like that? I’ve booked for April next year for only 2 people. I don’t want to have to go and get a bed early like that.”

A second said: “Lovely way to start the day.”

Similar scenes were filmed in Australia recently, with guests at the Calile hotel in Fortitude Valley, Queensland filmed getting up at the crack of dawn, some as early as 5.45, to get their towel down to reserve their spot.

In a video shared on Tiktok by hotel guest Emily Cooper (@em.bamford) a steady flow of people are seen leaving their poolside markers, with all the beds reserved before 7am.

Other hotel visitors are filmed nervously watching the action from the balconies, perhaps worrying about missing out on a spot for themselves later.

The footage has been viewed almost 300,000 times, with a lot of people slamming those putting out their towels.

One user commented: “I can’t stand that type of hogging behaviour. Use the sunbeds while you’re down at the pool but no calling dibs all day, when you’re not even there.”

Another wrote: “If you are not actively sitting there/at the pool area I would remove your towel.”

There are some unwritten social rules about whether or not you can reserve a sunbed.

Etiquette expert William Hanson revealed how long you should wait before it’s okay to remove someone’s towel from a lounger.

He told the Mirror: “Reserving sun loungers with a towel for longer than 30 minutes is a big no-no, beyond that grace period it’s first come first served.”

However, there are some caveats to that 30 minute grace period.

For instance, if someone is actually using the pool, then the lounger is still theirs to use.

Another video shared on Tiktok sparked debate about which nations are the worst offenders when it comes to sunbed hogging.

A German commenter wrote: “I’m German and live in the U.K. On my last holiday to Greece it was the English that had the towels out before 6 am.”

Meanwhile, someone else said it was French holidaymakers who were the biggest hoggers, writing: “The French were up at 5am on my holiday I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

But one Brit admitted that we are just as bad as anyone else when it comes to sunbed hogging.

They said: “I’m at an English hotel in Spain and can confirm it’s us Brits. Lots of towels and no Germans.”

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Meanwhile, holidaymakers have even taken to reserving spots on the ground at some resorts.

And these hotel guests were filmed queueing up to be the first to put their towels down in Tenerife.

Holidaymakers shouldn't leave towels for more than half an hour according to an etiquette expert


Holidaymakers shouldn’t leave towels for more than half an hour according to an etiquette expertCredit: TikTok/lynseycassidy1

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