US flights take to air again after four-hour outage meltdown disrupted global aviation

WASHINGTON: Air traffic in the United States was paralysed for more than three hours on Wednesday morning after a catastrophic systems failure grounded nearly 5000 flights.
Flights resumed after 9 am EST (7:30 pm IST) when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAAA) announced that the overnight outage of the Notice to Air Missions system (Notam), which provides safety information to flight crews, had been fixed. But the hold-up had a cascading effect across the US and the globe with delayed arrivals and missed connections.

The FAA did not explain the precise nature of the glitch and the White House said is there is no evidence of a cyber attack ‘at this point’, but the snafu shook global aviation, which centers on the US, which account for nearly a quarter of the 100,000 flights per day across the world.


Flights grounded across US after FAA system Failure

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A computer outage at the Federal Aviation Administration brought flights to a standstill across the US, with hundreds of delays quickly cascading through the system at airports nationwide.<br />

According to the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization (ATO), it provides service to more than 45,000 flights and 2.9 million airline passengers across more than 29 million square miles of airspace every day.

The flight tracking website FlightAware recorded over 6000 delayed flights within, into or out of the United States till 9 a.m., The last time America grounded all flights was after 9/11 when commercial air traffic was halted for several days.
There was the familiar political squabbling with Trumpistas bemoaning that the US had become a “third world country” and homophobic comments directed against Transportation secretary Pete Buttegieg, who is gay. The Pentagon said its operations was not affected.
The FAA is without a head currently, with President Biden’s nominee to lead the agency, Phillip Washington, languishing because lawmakers have not scheduled a confirmation hearing.

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