University of York invites Charlotte Lockhart to Guildhall event

A pioneer of the four-day working week agenda, Charlotte Lockhart, is to visit York to share her advice, guidance and insight about its benefits.

Charlotte Lockhart, Founder and Managing Director 4 Day Week Global, will speak at the Guildhall at 4pm on Tuesday January 17. 

Charlotte will discuss how the 4 day week can be implemented and managed for the benefit of employees, companies and society.

Sam Gardner, Director of Enterprise Works at the University of York said: “The benefits of a four-day working week represent a huge opportunity for businesses in York and the surrounding region.”

“Changing to a four-day working week provides significant benefits to some of the key limiting factors for the growth and success of businesses, including improving recruitment and reducing stress.”

Research published by 4 Day Week Global in November 2022 reveals that companies who gave their staff an extra day off per week, with no reduction in pay, experienced increased revenue alongside reduced absenteeism and resignations. Workers felt less stressed and burnt out, and reported higher rates of life satisfaction. 

There are also environmental benefits from less commuting.

This follows 30 companies and almost 1,000 employees in the US, Ireland and Australia recently concluding a six-month 4 day week trial, coordinated by 4 Day Week Global.


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