Three possible scenarios staring Packers in the face in 2023

Following the Green Bay Packers’ loss against the Detroit Lions in Week 18, Aaron Rodgers’ season is over. The Packers were in a “win-and-in” scenario entering the game but were unable to make a comeback.

This officially starts what is expected to be a very important offseason for the Packers and it all centers around Rodgers. There is no clear path forward for the team right now as they have three different options for their future.

Aaron Rodgers: Is retirement on deck?

Rodgers has been very coy about his future and has done things that suggest that retirement is at the forefront of his decision-making process.


He snubbed Jameson Williams’ request to swap jerseys after the game. He also saluted Chicago Bears fans as if it were the last time he’d see them in their storied rivalry.

He’s teased retirement before, and the Packers have been much worse this season than they have been in recent years, making it an even more realistic option.

Aaron Rodgers: Could he be traded?

Should the reigning MVP decide not to retire, the Packers have two options. One option is to trade him. The market will be interesting for an aging quarterback making $50 million a season, but there will be suitors.

This may be the best option for Green Bay. It opens the door for Jordan Love so the team can see what they have before his contract expires. It also gets them assets in return, something retirement wouldn’t do.


Teams like the Indianapolis Colts, Las Vegas Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and more could call on the Packers for their quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers: Will he be back with the Packers?

This seems like the most likely outcome. Rodgers has voiced displeasure and frustration with the Packers before re-signing or staying with the team on more than a few occasions.

Where will Aaron Rodgers be next year?
Where will Aaron Rodgers be next year?

The Packers don’t have a bright future this time around, but it would still be very surprising to see him go elsewhere.

As this season has proven, as long as #12 is in Green Bay, they have a shot at making the playoffs. Unless Rodgers demands it, a trade seems less likely at this point.

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