The terrifying moment a stranger assaults a Yodel driver

THIS is the terrifying moment a stranger assaults a Yodel driver before telling a resident he would “burn down” her house.

Penny Clarke captured the distressing video of her Yodel delivery driver – whilst attempting to deliver a parcel to her home in Merseyside last month – being verbally and physically assaulted by an unidentified man.

The footage, captured on Penny’s Ring doorbell camera, begins with the driver walking towards the house as a man in a dark sweatshirt and jeans shouts aggressively at him.

The pair enter the property’s front garden as the driver tells the man that the “show’s over”.

The aggressor then shouts repeatedly: “Who you talking to? Who you f***ing talking to?”

The driver can be seen walking up the pathway to ring the doorbell as the other man shouts: “I’ll batter you.”

The sound cuts out as the driver calmly replies back while looking at his phone.

The sound returns as the aggressive man continues shouting.

He appears to walk away but quickly turns back and shouts in the driver’s face: “You little d******d, don’t talk to me like that again.”

The driver replies: “I’m not talking to you.”

The aggressor appears to have followed the driver to the property where the incident occurred. (C) Penny Clarke.

The aggressor then squares up his shoulders, leaving no gap between himself and the driver whilst repeating: “Do you want me to leather you? Do you want me to f***ing leather you?”

The driver attempts to go round the man to deliver the parcel but the aggressor stays in his way and pushes the driver into a wall.

The aggressor says: “Don’t push me again” while pushing the driver for a second time, shouting: “Don’t f***ing push me again.”

The driver calmly walks down the path to leave the residency but the aggressor attempts to block the entrance gate saying: “I’ll bang your head off.”

The driver walks back up to the front door of the house again and rings the doorbell.

He replies: “Let me deliver the parcel.”

The driver remained calm, despite the aggressor punching him twice before blocking him from leaving the property again. (C) Penny Clarke.

The driver once again tries to leave but the aggressor then tries to knock the driver’s phone out of his hand, saying: “Who you talking to, who you fing talking to? I’ll fing smash your head in, you little bug-eyed c**t.”

The aggressor then begins to walk away just as resident Penny opens her door.

She shouts: “Oi, knock it off by my front please. You’re by my house where my kids are.”

The aggressor shouts back: “Who the f**k you talking to?”

She replies: “No, don’t make me phone the police, mate, go away.”

The aggressor then slurs his words as he eggs the woman on to phone the police.

He threatens: “I’ll come back when the police are gone.”

Penny responds firmly saying: “Can you leave? My children are right there. Go away now – my kids are right there.”

Pictured: The aggressor tries to intimidate and assault the driver again, before following the driver up to the front door of the property. (C) Penny Clarke.

He continues to slur his next words as he utters: “Don’t tell me to go away. Because your kids are there, I’ll go.”

However, the man continues to threaten Penny with his claims, saying: “Beware, I’m going to come back and I’m going to burn your house down.”

The man appears to finally be leaving the property but then hears Penny calling him a “k***head” as she closes the door.

In a terrifying moment, the man races back and violently kicks the door before calling her a “f***ing s**g”.

The man eventually leaves but not before finally threatening the driver one more time, who can now be seen delivering to the next-door neighbour.

Pictured: The aggressor threatening to “burn down” the resident’s property. (C) Penny Clarke.

The stay-at-home-mum captured the scary footage last week and shared it online, attempting to reach Yodel for help.

She wrote: “Hey @YodelOnline one of your drivers where [sic] assaulted whilst trying to deliver to my address yesterday and you people don’t have a option to speak to a real person when I call!”

Speaking today Penny, 39, said: “ I heard shouting outside and when I looked out my window I could see they were right outside my house.

“I ignored when the guy rang the doorbell but he then knocked two more times, so I answered and told the bully boy to move away.

Pictured: The terrifying moment that the aggressor attempted to kick Penny’s door in. (C) Penny Clarke.

“I got a mouthful in return and when I closed the door he kicked the door.

“I tried to get in touch with Yodel as their driver looked to be quite old and had been pushed twice and punched once according to the footage.

“I was worried about him but there’s absolutely no way to speak to an actual human from the Yodel call centre it seems.

“I also reported it online to the police and an officer made contact yesterday and asked for the doorbell footage, which I sent.

“What happened was disgusting and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him.”

A spokesperson for Yodel today said: “Driver safety and security is extremely important to us, and we are working with the relevant authorities as they carry out necessary investigations.”

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