The age most Brits start to feel like a proper adult revealed

The age when you officially become an adult is 18, but for many people they don’t start to actually feel like one until a bit later.

Many Brits don’t feel like one until they’ve reached certain milestones such as having a child or buying a first home.

New research from the life insurance team at Comparethemarket has revealed at what age most Brits do feel like proper adults.

This study also included the tasks they feel least confident undertaking and the cities that struggle the most with adult responsibilities.

The Northern Echo: Around 22% of those surveyed still didn't consider themselves an adult yetAround 22% of those surveyed still didn’t consider themselves an adult yet (Image: Canva)

What age do Brits feel like a proper adult?

Comparethemarket surveyed 2,166 UK residents aged 18 and over between July-August 2022 and found that the optimal age when people start to feel like an adult is 27.

In total 78% of respondents said they would class themselves as an adult, whilst 22% believe they will by the time they’re 49 years old.

Of those that said they don’t currently feel like an adult, men said they likely won’t feel like one until the age of 43, while women said by 51.

Respondents were also asked about if they felt they could complete traditionally adult tasks, such as changing a tyre, fixing household appliances and filling in a tax return.

Changing a tyre was found to be one of the most unnerving tasks, with 45% of adults not feeling confident to tackle it themselves, whilst 37% were not confident in fixing household appliances.

Doing the laundry is the task adult Brits feel the most confident completing, with eight in 10 (80%) happy to complete this on their own, followed by taking the bins out on the correct days (79%) and changing a lightbulb (79%).

In terms of breaking it down regionally Belfast leads the way when it comes to confidence, with 72% of adults claiming they are confident in their abilities to complete the list of adult tasks.

At the other end of the spectrum, 39% of adults in Glasgow and Sheffield say they are not confident when it comes to completing adult responsibilities.

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