Srisailam Trust Board proposes new queue complex at ₹75 crore

The Bhramarambha Mallikarjuna Swamy Devasthanam Trust Board has made a proposal for the construction of a new queue complex adjacent to the temple, at a cost of ₹75 crore.

The Trust Board meeting presided by Reddyvari Chakrapani Reddy here on Tuesday gave its approval to 43 of the 48 issues taken up for discussion.

The Board also made a proposal to build an additional floor on the Mallikarjuna Sadan at ₹5.8 crore, fencing for the entire property across of 7 square miles at ₹5.5 crore.

Other proposals sent to the Endowments Commissioner and the State government include a Kalyanamandapam at ₹1.98 crore, at Dornala, adjacent to the existing guest house, and a shopping complex there spending at ₹1.26 crore.

The board also proposed to take up the construction of two Pilgrim Amenities Centres at a cost of ₹36 lakh each.

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