Rakhi Sawant Changes Her Name To Fatima After Marriage? Brother Reacts

New Delhi: According to newly viral documents, Rakhi Sawant married her longtime beau Adil Durrani in July of last year. After photos of the couple visiting a registrar’s office went viral, Rakhi herself confirmed the news. The actress seems to have legally changed her name to Fatima. Online photos purporting to show the couple’s marriage license with the actress’s name listed as Fatima.

Rakesh, Rakhi’s brother, commented on the rumours that she converted to Islam by saying that he had no idea such a thing had happened. Talking to Zoom digital, he said, “Ye toh mujhe nahi pata. Ye unki personal cheeze hai, husband-wife ki baatein hai. Humko toh nahi pata. Lekin agar Rakhi ne kia hai toh soch samajkar kia hoga, usne apne hisab se kia hoga (Even I don’t know about it, this is their personal matter of husband and wife, we don’t know, but if Rakhi has done it then she must have thought about it well and took the step according to her).”

According to Rakhi, the couple got married in July 2022 and she kept the marriage a secret at Adil’s request. Adil on the other hand denied the wedding speculations to a news channel. Reacting to this, Rakhi in a conversation with ETimes said, “I don’t know why he’s hiding our marriage. I told him this morning that this further and not far; it’s time I declare our marriage. Is he scared of his parents? Or is he doing this because he has married a Hindu girl?” 

“I got married to Adil in July last year after three months of knowing him. We had a nikah ceremony and a court marriage. Since he stopped me from disclosing it, I remained tightlipped for the past seven months. He felt that it would get difficult to find a suitor for his sister if people got to know about our marriage. According to him, tum Rakhi Sawant ke saath judoge toh tumne badnaami lee hai (If you associate yourself with Rakhi Sawant then that means you have invited shame),” she told ETimes. 

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In a recent video, Adil can be heard saying, “I neither accept not deny this marriage”. He has requested 10-12 days to arrive and confirm the news.

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