Prince Harry’s memoir Spare displayed next to ‘How to Kill Your Family’, pic viral

Prince Harry, who has been making a lot of news lately over his disagreements with the British Royal family and falling out with them, has come up with a memoir titled ‘Spare’. His revelations in the book, from his fight with his brother Prince William to his experience in Afghanistan, have been the top stories for the past week. However, a photograph of his book went viral for a totally different reason.

In a bookshop called Bert’s Books in Swindon in England, Prince Harry’s memoir was displayed next to a book called ‘How to Kill Your Family’ by an author named Bella Mackie. The bookshop definitely enjoyed their sarcastic dig at the Royal family as they shared the image online.

They further added, “Seriously, we had to buy them in a box of 12 to fulfil a couple of pre-orders, so if you do want a copy, you can order it here”

Reacting to the viral pic and their social media fame, Shop owner Alex Call, 35, said that the staff at the store thought it would be quite light-hearted and make a few people smile.

When people commented that someone is likely to sue them for it, and it is just a question who sues first, the royal family or Ms. Mackie, the shop’s account replied, “We’ve just put our bestselling books in the window… people are making all sorts of wild assumptions and connections,”

Prince Harry has famously fallen out with his family after his marriage to Meghan Markle. He left the royal family, relinquished his duties as a royal, and moved to the United States. For the past year or so, Harry has repeatedly talked about the reasons why he chose to do so in an interview with Oprah, in a Netflix documentary, and now in his book.

Prince Harry has repeatedly said that he wants his privacy, which isn’t always available to British Royals, during all his media interactions where he shares everything about his personal life.

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