Pair assaulted man in McDonald’s in Blake Street, York

TWO young men who “acted like animals” and left another man with head injuries have escaped a trip to jail.

Jack Adkins, 19, punched the victim 17 times to the head and body and Callum Gallamore, 24, punched him six times before kicking him as he lay on the ground, said Oliver Connor, prosecuting.

Members of the public broke up the late night incident in McDonald’s in Blake Street, but 10 minutes later the two attackers saw the victim in the street outside, York Crown Court heard.

Recorder Richard Wright KC told the pair: “Both of you, no doubt in drink with your blood up couldn’t resist having a second go.”

Mr Connor said Adkins punched and kicked the victim and when a member of the public intervened, Gallamore kicked and punched him.

“Both of you decided to act like animals in the street in a sustained manner,” the judge told the pair. Their actions had appalled and frightened people in the fast food restaurant and the street.

“Both of you were plainly looking for trouble,” he said.

Mr Connor said the victim suffered from vomiting, headaches, a 2cm cut to the back of his head and other head injuries, and pain, swelling and bruising to his back.

City of York Council CCTV operators tracked Adkins for police and he was arrested the same night. Gallamore was arrested later. 

Bricklayer Adkins, of Tang Hall Lane, York, and Gallamore, of Osbourne Drive, Rawcliffe, both pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm.

After reading reports on each of them, and references, the judge said; “It is quite clear both of you have a much better side to you than was on display that night.”

He made each subject to an 18-month community order with 250 hours’ unpaid work and ordered them to pay £250 each to the victim.

“You are very much on your last chance,” he said.

Mr Connor said the two had “circled” their victim in the takeaway at 4am on November 27, 2021, and the three had exchanged words.

The victim had started to walk away, but had then punched Adkins once and the violence began.

For Adkins, Leila Taleb said he might not have been before the court but for that punch.

He had been 18 at the time and the alcohol he had taken had affected his ability to think straight.

He had lost his self control.

Lily Wildman for Gallamore said Adkins had worked for her client. Gallamore had intervened in the incident because he was the older of the two defendants.

Both barristers said their clients had had gone too far and were sorry and were normally hard-working family men.

Neither defendant had been in trouble before the incident, the court heard, but Gallamore had been convicted of violence afterwards, something the judge described as “concerning”.

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