‘Not right to undermine others’ contribution to freedom struggle’: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday, while acknowledging that the Congress-led freedom movement had a big contribution to India’s freedom, said that it is, however, not right to propagate the narrative that there was no role of others in the country’s freedom struggle.

Shah’s remarks came at the book launch event of ‘Revolutionaries, The other story of how India won its freedom’ by Sanjeev Sanyal in the national capital.

The Home Minister said that the word ‘other story’ in the title of the book is the summary of the book which presents the other perspective of the contributions of various others in the freedom struggle.

“Revolutionaries, The other story of how India won its freedom. The word ‘other story’ is the summary of this book. Because one story has been established in public under one narrative. One perspective has been imposed on the public through history writing, and education. The perspective that has been imposed, I do not say that the non-violent struggle has no role in the freedom struggle, or is not a part of history. It is a part of history and has a huge contribution,” Shah said.

Stating that there were contributions of various people and organisations, the Home Minister said that freedom is the “collective” result of everyone.

“The movement led by Congress has a big contribution to the country’s freedom. But no other has contributed, this narrative is not right. Because if we analyze the country’s freedom, numerous people, organisations, ideologies and paths had made efforts to reach one destination. India’s freedom is the collaborative result of all of this,” he said.

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