Noida hit-and-run victim Sweety Kumari deals with aftermath of week-long coma, says ‘it is very suffocating…’

Spending nearly in a week in a coma after a gruesome hit-and-run accident, Sweety Kumari is on her road to recovery. Sweety expressed her desire to get out of the hospital bed, trying to inch her way out of bed each day, describing it as “suffocating”.

Sweety Kumari, a 22-year-old BTech student, was hit by a car on New Year’s Eve in Noida and was admitted to the Kailash Hospital in Greater Noida in the near-fatal incident. She was in a coma for six days and gained consciousness just a week ago.

Kumari is a fourth-year engineering student at the Greater Noida Institute of Technology (GNIOT) and still remains in a delicate and painful condition, despite it being two weeks since the unfortunate incident.

While speaking to Indian Express, Sweety said, “I want to leave the hospital… Can you give me the chair? I want to sit, it is very suffocating to keep lying in bed.” Due to her injuries and extreme pain, Sweety is only able to muster up short and broken sentences as of now.

Sweety’s parents Lalmani Devi and Shiv Nandan Pal were quick to rush to their daughter’s side from their native village in Bihar to Noida, catering to her every need as she remains on bed rest due to two broken legs and intense head injuries.

While speaking to Indian Express, Lalmani Devi said, “Sweety has been drinking a lot of water after regaining consciousness… She keeps scratching her head and wants the bandages removed.” She also revealed that all of Sweety’s friends pooled money to pay for her treatment.

Sweety’s father Shiv Nandan Pal was shaken by the accident, and said, “Bhagwan ne ye kyon kar diya (why did god do this?)” He told Express that had it not been for the hit-and-run, Kumari would have been preparing for her exams right now.

The doctors in charge of Sweety’s progress said that they successfully operated on her head injuries, due to which she is now safe. Further, they said that her leg operation is still pending and she will have to remain in the hospital for 10 more days.

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