Muslim man assaulted on train for molesting woman, not for refusing to chant Jai Shri Ram

Today several media houses reported that a Muslim man was beaten on board a train in Moradabad for refusing to chant Jai Shri Ram. A video of the incident appeared on social media, where a man named Asim Hussain was seeing striped to waist and being beaten by some people.

He had claimed that he was beaten on false allegations of theft, and also for refusing to chant Jai Shri Ram. But now the police have revealed that he is not speaking the truth, and he was beaten by the crowd for misbehaving with a woman.

Asim Hussain had alleged that when he was travelling from Delhi to Moradabad on Padmawat Express, 8-10 people started to cause disturbances, and suddenly someone shouted ‘ye Mulla chor hai’ (this Mulla is a thief). Talking to reporters, Hussain then alleged he was beaten by a group of people, his beard was pulled, and that he was asked to chant Jai Shri Ram.

He then alleged that when he refused to do that, his shirt was removed and was mercilessly beaten with a belt. While the video did show that the man’s shirt was removed and he was beaten with a belt, the reason for the assault was not known from the video. Based on the claims of the man, several media houses like Siasat, Zee News, Aaj Tak, and many others reported that the Muslim man was beaten for not chanting Jai Shri Ram.

But after probing the incident, now police have said that there was no religious angle behind the incident, and Asim Hussain was beaten on the train on the allegation of molesting a women. Police also denied the charge that he was beaten for not chanting Jai Shri Ram.

Giving an update on the case, Devi Dayal, DSP Moradabad of Railway Police, said the probe in the case has revealed that the victim of the incident is giving wrong details on the incident. He said that there is no evidence that he was beaten for not chanting Jai Shri Ram and his beard was pulled.

The DSP further said that Asim Hussain was misbehaving with some woman on the train, which angered some passengers, and they assaulted him for that reason. DSP Devi Dayal added that they are also investigating the angle of misbehaviour with woman by Hussain, and if any complaint is filed, they will proceed further.

OpIndia also talked to Sudhir Kumar, GRP Inspector at Moradabad, and he informed that Asim Hussain approached the police with the complaint a day after the incident only after he was instigated by some journalists to make the false allegations. The inspector confirmed that there was no religious angle in the incident, and Asim Hussain was assaulted because he had molested some woman on the train.

The GRP Inspector also said that he was not forced to chant Jai Shri Ram, as alleged by Hussain. He added that Hussain didn’t file complaint on the day of the incident, but he approached the police a day later after talking to reporters.

It is notable that DSP Devi Dayal had earlier informed that two men who had assaulted Asim Hussain was arrested after getting information about the incident. He had also added that at that time no complaint was filed by the victim, but despite that the police taken the two accused into custody after considering the gravity of the situation.

The railway police cops onboard the train had detained the two accused after some passengers informed them about the incident, and they were handed over to GRP officials at the Bareilly Junction.

According to reports, the two men who had assaulted Hussain have been identified as Suraj from Pratapgarh and Satish from Raebareli. As there was no complaint against them at that time, they were granted bail after charging them with disturbing peace on the train. After Asim Hussain lodged the complaint next day, an FIR has been registered, and steps are being taken to arrest them.

It is notable that after Satish and Suraj were nabbed, they had told the police that they had assaulted Hussain for molesting a woman.

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