Mission Kakatiya a catalyst in restoring groundwater level, says report

Hyderabad: Mission Kakatiya is a success for Telangana as it has enhanced the groundwater level mainly used for irrigation and drinking water purpose.

According to a report by the Social Progress Index (SPI) for States and Districts, only Hyderabad and Rajanna Sircilla were added to the ‘overexploited’ category. In contrast, 23 districts came under the ‘safe’ category.

“Under the Mission Kakatiya of the Telangana Government, people across districts are taking an active part in the management of water resources. The welfare scheme has given a local government body a mandate to implement various programmes, such as water withdrawal and irrigation-based community management, in a decentralised manner. In addition, proposed plans were discussed with villagers and farmers, who were motivated to be included in the process,” the report stated.

Mission Kakatiya started in 2015 with the purpose of restoring minor irrigation tanks and lakes in the state. It was launched with the aim to renovate 46,531 tanks and lakes, storing 265 TMC (thousand million cubic feet) of water in a span of five years.

Apart from this, the report states, Haryana (134.56%), Rajasthan (150.22%), Punjab (164.42%) and Delhi (101.40%) fall under the ‘overexploited’ category while Arunachal Pradesh (0.36%), Sikkim (0.86%), Nagaland (1.04%), Andaman and Nicobar Islands (2.6%), and Mizoram (3.81%) fall in the ‘safe’ category.

The report was prepared by the Institute for Competitiveness and Social Progress Imperative and submitted to the Economic Advisory Council and to the Prime Minister

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