Man trashes vehicle left in his parking space

A tenant trashed a car he found left in his parking space despite having never used the bay in 12 years. 

Gavin Glover, 58, who has no car and does not drive, displayed “parking lot rage” when he used a hammer to smash the windscreen, rear window and rear passenger window of a Volkswagen Polo parked in a space allocated to him as part of his lease on a flat.

Mr Glover was later arrested for the attack on the car, which belonged to a neighbour’s boyfriend.

When asked about the damage, Glover, from Crewe, Cheshire said: “She already has her own space adjacent to mine. I do not have my own car – nevertheless, I see this as being impolite.”

At Crewe Magistrates’ Court Glover was ordered to pay the owner of the car, Luke Davies, £300 in compensation after admitting criminal damage, and now faces eviction from the flat.

Glover trashed car with a hammer

The incident occurred on Dec 18 last year after Mr Davies went to his partner’s address and parked his car in Glover’s allocated parking space.

Miss Leanne Gallagher, prosecuting, said: “The defendant became frustrated at this and having had a large amount to drink he took a hammer and smashed three windows of the car, a Volkswagen Polo, causing extensive damage. The value is not known but the three windows will need to be replaced.

“In terms of interview, he said there are ongoing issues in relation to the allocated parking bay. He said it was a bit of a blur. He said he had gone out with an object and was not aware of how much damage he had caused.”

‘It could have all been avoided’

Representing himself, Glover said: “Firstly I would like to apologise to the owner of the car. It was not directed at him personally. It was a kind of a petty thing that has escalated into something more serious as a result of the actions of myself for which I am thoroughly ashamed.

“I do believe it could have all been avoided. I did ask the girlfriend of the gentleman who owns the car who lives in my block of flats. I asked her several times not to let her friends and visitors park in the bay. It has been going on for quite a few years.

“But whenever I mentioned it politely, there were sniggers and jeers and unpleasant remarks. I kind of let it go because I am not really a confrontational sort of person. I am deeply remorseful and ashamed about what has happened.”

Glover was given a 12-month conditional discharge.

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