Looking at the Ukraine-Russia war, India must realise it won’t be that difficult to wipe out Sanatan Dharma: Here is how

The Ukraine war has given a rude shock to many defence experts and ordinary folks. Remember when it started a year ago, it was supposed to be a walk in the park – Putin could have coffee in Kiev in a couple of weeks. But Russia has been bloodied beyond belief. How? Why? 

Well, I am no defence expert, or let us say as much of an expert as the commission agents and arms brokers in India that pretend to be analysts. I think it is simple – when external forces bring in overwhelming quantities of money, technology and weapons, a small state can take on a superpower.

In fact, so brazen has been the Western support for Ukraine in the name of defending it, they are openly boasting about “costing peanuts” to defeat Russia. Not just that they even boast that the war is an excellent “marketing opportunity”. Yes, the death of thousands, regardless of who caused it or where it happens, is just another chance to make money. Thanks for not being hypocrites unlike your brown coolies in India who parrot your line in the name of all that is holy!

Before you jump and accuse me of being pro-Putin, let me make clear I am against the invasion. But I would also ask you to check out its original cause – relentless, needless westward expansion of NATO – an act nothing short of war. Or imagine what happens when China one day signs up Mexico in a defence alliance.

It may cost peanuts to wipe out Sanatana dharma

That brings me to the real point of this article. Wiping out Sanatana dharma, the last significant holdout of pagan faith and indigenous culture in this world dominated by monoculture and Abrahamic faiths may also cost peanuts. Remember this when someone tells you “Why should 80% be afraid?”

Propagating faiths and the clash of ideas, not swords, should be free. Free is the word here. Free of any influence that makes the entire match ‘fixed’. 

How can the clash of ideas be free if one side (indigenous faiths) has its pockets nearly empty and the other is backed by billions by the richest of nations – as in the Ukraine war? I am not just talking of the Hindu faith here but also of other indigenous faiths like Sikhism and Buddhism. In fact, the former is under sustained attack in Punjab and we may wake up to it too late and find that it is nearly gone, just as pagan tribal faiths, as well as Hinduism, vanished in the North East.

How can we fight the billions thrown at these efforts? 

Remember, the efforts to wipe out Sanatana dharma are not just led by competitive faiths. It is also led by the biggest and most organised religion of all – leftism. Knowing fully well that the ideology of rapist savages, womanisers and mass murderers like Stalin, Ceausescu, Mao and Pol Pot cannot grab power in India as long as it is Hindu, leftists in various shades of red have made its destruction the first priority. Global woke left, knowing the potential of leftism and socialism in keeping India dirt poor and hence cheaper to influence and subdue, has been funding it with all it can spare. Just one man – George Soros has set aside a billion dollars for regime change when he thinks the people have elected the “wrong” person. 

Others are pitching in too. Just check the list of donors of any leftist fake NGO. As we approach 2024 this money will be increasingly used for enabling dynastic loot – the Plan B of the leftist fringe if they can’t get direct power. We already see this in the sickening sycophancy by the leftist cabal and the global ecosystem that surrounds the yatra.

The funds pour not necessarily in cash but in various other ways – ranging from lucrative gigs, academic positions and awards like Magsaysay or Pulitzer to its most loyal and useful servants.

We may hold out for a while but eventually, we must brace for a humiliating defeat. Before we get rich, we will be gone. In fact, even getting rich will be impossible given the destructive leftist ideologies and dynastic loot boosted by the Euro and Dollar flow. 

Unless we level the playing field making it fair and square.

Level the playing field

What can we do today, and right now? Well, it is not even something new. Others are doing it. 

First option is a blanket ban on overseas donations except from Indian citizens living abroad. 

If you think that is a crazy right-wing idea, check out the number of countries that ban it for political purposes. Their democracies are so fragile it seems. 

Tiny New Zealand, labour controlled and with sufficiently educated, prosperous population, has banned such contributions. 

In the UK too, it was Labour that restricted overseas donations to political parties. Even in the liberal holy land of the USA, donations from overseas are used to cast you as a villain by the left and are outright banned in many areas including politics.

In India, millions can be sent to the likes of Teesta and Ranaa for ostensibly charitable causes, but we all know what they keep themselves busy with.

Remember – often donations are not explicitly to political parties but effectively are. You must credit the donors with that much intelligence. As if that’s not enough, our risks are in two areas, unlike the rich West where the risk is mainly political. For us, it is regime change and ‘harvesting souls’. 

In fact, the purpose of the donation or even the real recipient can be hard to trace because they keep donating to each other in clever ways, much like shell companies run by businessmen. Remember, they don’t even want to keep books or file returns and called Modi a ‘fascist’ for insisting on such records? The purpose is clear. Try this in the USA and you may spend the rest of your life in jail.

Yet, we must be realistic – we don’t control the global pseudo liberal media and academic ecosystem. The outrage will likely defeat this move if Modi attempts it. 

Why not bring in a rule that ANY overseas donation, other than individual ones by Indian citizens abroad, must be sent to a common fund, not at the discretion of donors or that of their recipients to be used for regime change and anti-Hindu pogrom?

This fund should be allotted to all states in proportion to their population and nothing else. That way there is zero chance of discrimination.

Within each state, excluding, say, 3 or 5 richest districts, rest should get them in proportion to their population. Again, no scope for anti-minority or majority.

Within each district, each block or panchayat or whatever is the lowest administrative unit gets it in proportion to their population. We can exclude the richest block or two again, to bring parity in facilities, infra and hence long-term wealth.

Ideally, the spending power should be with the local democratically elected administration, not frauds and fakes that run NGOs. Whoever spends it, should ONLY spend on secular projects – be it hospitals, schools whatever. Not for any faith, directly or indirectly.

With this one stroke of fair, reasonable, and progressive law, which fringe left will find hard to challenge, we can level the playing field.

It will also expose the real intentions of these donors who often pretend to care for our deprived. After all, if that is their goal, nothing in this move should bother them.

This will also wipe out the biggest drain on the donated money – charlatans, frauds and scamsters using it to fund their royal lifestyles, Paris trips, Chianti bottles, frequent flyer miles, five-star hotels, SUVs and business class tickets. Euphemistically described as establishment overheads. Shouldn’t this please genuine donors? Hopefully, this will be discussed further and considered.

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