“Kobe didn’t have a fear of nothing to ask nobody to get better”

Gary Payton, who’s widely regarded as one of the best NBA players in the history of the game, had a crazy interaction with Kobe Bryant that he will remember forever.

Bryant is arguably one of the top-three players in NBA history and will never be forgotten by anyone. Payton explained everything that happened between the two and what it meant to him.

“Kobe was already different he was a different kid you know what I’m saying. I was in 10 years more and plus in the NBA at the time and that’s when we were in the 2000s it was like my 10th or my 11th year in the league and Kobe didn’t have a fear of nothing to ask nobody to get better. So he came by me and he was like big bro man you be doing this and that and that I really want to learn this man I really want to learn it because of you…”

“And when he said that that, it took something out of me and took something in my heart that a kid with his ability and knowing where he was going wants to really learn and he doesn’t have an ego, he doesn’t have an ego. I don’t mind that I don’t care about him knowing how to do it and stop it because if he knows it, it makes me better too because I got to learn how to stop him…”

“Yeah, tight we got really really tight, and then especially with me going to the Lakers and mentoring him where what he was going through during the time…. I talked to Kobe two weeks before he passed and we were talking about the Hall of Fame and what was going to happen and and when we’re going to be there and stuff like that and he was very excited. You know, he was very excited and that’s how close we were you know what I’m saying and then he got off the phone and he said man I’m about to call my nephew man.”


Kobe Bryant was respected by all

To get the type of respect that Kobe Bryant warranted, it all starts with the type of respect that he gave to his peers. Sure, Kobe was a fierce competitor and loved to talk mess to his competitors. However, he wouldn’t disrespect anyone. He would recognize them and he knew he respected their game.

It’s easy to see why a guy like him and Gary Payton would get along if their style of play had anything to do with it. Both Bryant and Payton played a high intensity game, meaning they would be all over guys and give 100% effort every single night.

Perhaps that was the reason they became close. Either way, it’s awesome to see people share their stories about Bryant. There’s a reason why everyone believes he’s one of the best to ever play, and it’s not all because of what he did on the court.

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