‘Kamal Nath trying to create negative impression about Madhya Pradesh’

Bhopal: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday slammed Congress leader Kamal Nath over his remarks on the Global Investors Summit in Indore, saying the former chief minister is trying to create a negative impression about the state.

Kamal Nath on Tuesday had said that the investors’ trust cannot be built merely by holding conferences and summits. “The trust needs to be built between the government and the investors,” he said.

Reacting to the remarks, Madhya Pradesh unit BJP president V.D. Sharma said: “Chief Minister Shivraj Singh’s government is making all efforts to bring investment for development of Madhya Pradesh… the opposition led by Kamal Nath, instead of considering it a positive step, is attempting to create a negative impression about Madhya Pradesh.”

Sharma, a Lok Sabha MP from Khajuraho said the Congress was misleading the youth of Madhya Pradesh in the name of unemployment.

He said that Madhya Pradesh unit Congress president Kamal Nath “is himself a businessman but he never thought of investing and establishing industries in Madhya Pradesh”.

“Congress had got opportunity to create a roadmap for development for Madhya Pradesh, but during 15-month rule, the state’s governance system was made corrupt. Kamal Nath is himself a businessman, but neither he made any efforts to bring investment nor thought of setting up his own industry in Madhya Pradesh,” Sharma said.

” … Madhya Pradesh has come to be associated with corruption and tardy implementation of policies. This is why investments don’t come to Madhya Pradesh,” Kamal Nath had said on Tuesday.

“Everyone knows how much investment came to Madhya Pradesh…. However, I do welcome investors coming to the state. But investors’ trust cannot be built merely by holding conferences and summits. Investments will come when the investors have faith in the state administration,” he said.

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