Joshimath, Surrounding Areas Sink By 2.5 Inch Every Year, Reveals Study

A two-year study has found that Joshimath and its surrounding areas have been sinking at the rate of 6.5 cm or 2.5 inch per year, reported NDTV. The outcome of the study has come amid the land subsidence that has shaken the holy town of Joshimath. 

The research study was done by Dehradun-based the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing. The institute has been using satellite data of the region, which sees a lot of tectonic activity and is very sensitive, the report added. 

As per the research, satellite images collected from July 2020 to March 2022 show the entire area is slowly sinking.  It also reveals that the sinking is spread across the valley and is not limited to Joshimath town. 

Joshimath Crisis 

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The temple town of Joshimath is witnessing ‘sinking’ for a while which resulted in massive cracks in houses, hotels and key roads. The locals blame the development projects, especially the nearby Tapovan project of the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) for the crisis. 

The authorities on Tuesday made preparations to demolish two hotels that have leaned towards each other due to land subsidence. However, after the hotel owners over assurance of compensation, the process was halted. A meeting of the district officials will be held on Wednesday to take a call on the timeline of the demolition process.  

Houses that have developed cracks are also set to be razed in Joshimath. The cracks in structures appeared not only in Joshimath but in Karnprayag too. 

Cracks started developing in hundreds of homes earlier this month as Joshimath saw subsidence over a large area. Several families have been evacuated. Many were instructed to move into temporary relief centres or rent housing, for which the state government would provide each family with the assistance of Rs 4000 per month for six months. 

There are 86 houses in the area demarcated as an unsafe zone. 

The district administration has put red cross marks on houses in the sinking town that are unsafe for living. 

A report by an eight-member government panel mentioned that hollow spaces in the ground, combined with uneven terrain, led to large-scale subsidence. 

Cracks In Houses In Aligarh 

On Tuesday, cracks appeared in certain houses in Uttar Prades’ Aligarh town. 

Reacting to the cracks, Chief Engineer Municipal Corporation, Aligarh said, “People living in houses with cracks have been asked to vacate them and move to a safer place. Around 4-5 houses have been affected. The Municipal Corporation team has reached the spot and we are doing a survey.”

SC On Joshimath Sinking 

The Supreme Court on Tuesday declined an urgent hearing on the Joshimath land subsidence issue saying that everything important need not go to the apex court. The court posted the matter for hearing on January 16.  

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