ITV GMB: Ben Shepherd ‘queasy’ after being punched by guest

The Tipping Point and Ninja Warrior UK host was interviewing professional boxer Christ Eubank Jr when he decided to test his skills.

The challenge was for Ben to survive 20 seconds of body punches from Eubank.

Walking around the front of the desk, Ben was wrapped in padding underneath his shirt, as he was cheered on by co-host Kate Garraway.

Glasgow Times:

She joked: “Dr Hilary is on standby. I don’t know what he will be able to do other than support and laugh though.”

He managed to last the full 20 seconds before collapsing and hugging Eubank at the end.

Kate Garraway said: “Oh my god, well done, you did very well. I’m very impressed.”

Joking, Ben said: “Was that the slowest 20 second count ever? It felt like three days.”

Prior to the segment, Kate said: “Yeah, honestly. We were chatting to the producer last night about what was going to be in the show today and I said ‘you don’t need to show me that, what’s this about Ben getting pummelled?’

“And father Christmas did get my letter after all.”

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