I’m a cleaning expert – my top tips will banish mould for good… and here’s what you must NEVER do

A CLEANING expert has given their top tips on how to banish mould for good – and here’s what you should never do.

Mould can cause serious problems for residents, and cold weather can make it even worse.

A cleaning expert has given their top tips to banish mould for good


A cleaning expert has given their top tips to banish mould for goodCredit: getty

Around 11.8million Brits are living in mouldy properties, research by housing charity Shelter found last year.

Mould and mildew are caused when there is a high level of moisture in the air in your home.

The problem can cause unappealing patches to appear on your walls, and could even affect your health. 

But there are ways to avoid the household problem.

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Experts at End of Tenancy London gave their top 5 tips to banish the mould.

White vinegar

Due to white vinegar’s acidic nature, it kills mould on porous and non-porous materials easily by slowly breaking down the structure.

The experts say that adding sault as a scouring agent can make it even more effective.

However, it is not safe to use on some surfaces such as natural stone, cast iron or aluminium, and waxed wood because of its acidity.

Baking soda

Baking soda is completely safe for humans and pets and is helping to stop the growth and survival of mould,

It can also help remove that musty smell mould can leave behind, according to experts.

However, although it is moisture absorbing, baking soda cannot eradicate bacteria entirely and is less effective on porous surfaces.

Don’t paint over it

While it might appear an easy quick-fix, cleaning pros stress that you should never paint over mould.

The mould will eventually become visible and can actually grow into your paint.

Even if you keep painting over it, the spores will still release into the air and disperse throughout the house.

Cleaning sprays

Anti-mould spray is a simple and effective way to remove mould and any remaining stains from your surfaces.

The experts say they work great for mould suppression, prevention, contents, rooms, and appliances.

They eliminate odours and disinfect surfaces, but also have been formulated for indoor use meaning there are no health or allergen issues for concern.

Protective clothing

The experts say that it is important to remember that mould is considered a “silently fast killer”.

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Touching and inhaling mould spores can trigger extreme health problems .

That’s why cleaning pros advise wearing a mould safety mask and using gloves when coming into close contact with the bacteria.

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