I met the ‘perfect guy’ who took me on amazing dates – then I found out he had a secret girlfriend in the craziest way

DATING someone new can be both exciting and a little bit nerve-wracking.

You never really know the other person’s intentions until you’ve been with them for a while, so many people are often cautious in the early days.

A woman was excited to meet up with a cute guy who messaged her on Instagram


A woman was excited to meet up with a cute guy who messaged her on InstagramCredit: TikTok/@aabby.hk
She asked him a bunch of times if he was seeing anyone else


She asked him a bunch of times if he was seeing anyone elseCredit: TikTok/@aabby.hk

A woman named Abby, who goes by @aabby.hk on TikTok, said she thought she found the perfect guy – until she realized she was actually the “other woman.”

She shared the story with her followers:

“So once upon a time I was the other woman. And before anyone comes at me, no I did not know.”

It started with an Instagram DM.

When a “really cute boy” messaged her saying that he wanted to get drinks with her, she told him to meet her and her friends at a bar that they were going to that night.

“And guys, I am not stupid. I did a thorough social media stalk. There were no women – none in the comments, none in the tagged photos, nothing,” she said, reassuring viewers that she thought he was single.

When they met at the bar, they hit it off.

“But again, I’m not an idiot. One of the first questions I asked him was: ‘Do you have a girlfriend? Did you recently have a girlfriend? Do you kind of have a girlfriend? Does anyone think they’re your girlfriend? Do you talk to anyone on a regular basis?’

“Because I’m not getting involved in any of these things.”

He told her that he hasn’t had a girlfriend in years, and that she’s crazy for even thinking that.

So, Abby went for it.

“We go on one of the most amazing dates that I’ve ever been on at one of my favorite restaurants. He pre-called so that when we got there the drinks were ready, appetizers were ready, everything was flawless.”

She reminded her followers that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. But hindsight in 20/20.

“We go on two or three more dates, and everything is perfect. I’m like, ‘Oh my God. I might really start dating this guy.’”

One night they agreed to go out together with her friends, but unfortunately, he cancelled because he was sick.

Regardless, Abby decided to go to the bar with her friends and without him.

“I’m having a great time with the girls and all of the sudden I feel this giant splash of water down my back.

“This girl had poured her entire drink down all through my dress. It was horrible.”

Abby turned around hoping that the woman would apologize, but instead, she was met with a “death stare.”

“This girl looked like she was about to punch me out, and she had a big group of girls behind her.

“She goes, ‘Did you think you were going to be meeting so and so here tonight? Is that what you stupidly thought?”

She was talking about the cute boy Abby had been going on dates with.

“And this is when it all sinks in for me.

“So I look at her and I’m like, ‘Do you know him?’”

This question made the woman even more angry.

“Know him? That’s been my boyfriend for four years!

“I’m like, ‘Four years?! Girl, four years and you’re not on his entire Instagram page? What are you doing? If you think it’s just me, there are about to be four million others, let me tell you.’”

Abby was honest with the woman, telling her that she had asked him if he had a girlfriend and that he had called her crazy for even suggesting that.

She vowed to never speak to him again and blocked his number right in front of her.

“I pull out receipts of him texting me so that she doesn’t think I’m just like a one woman show, stealing her man.

“She starts hysterically crying and ran out. So I don’t know what happened!”

Viewers applauded her behavior:

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“Honestly, in my experience the ‘Does anyone THINK they’re your girlfriend’ is such an important question,” one person noted.

“Thank you for asking and ending once you knew. She didn’t act right. As a wife, I know emotions run high, but not an excuse to treat you that way,” added another.

She was stunned when a random woman poured a drink all over her and claimed to be the man's long term girlfriend


She was stunned when a random woman poured a drink all over her and claimed to be the man’s long term girlfriendCredit: TikTok/@aabby.hk

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