Flooding on way for York after heavy rain in Dales

SIGNIFICANT flooding appears to be looming for York in coming days after heavy and persistent rainfall in the Dales catchment today.

Rainfall radar charts have consistently shown places in the Pennines, such as Hawes, shaded orange – meaning almost 10mms an hour is falling – for the past few hours.

And videos have appeared online showing flooding of roads today in Horton in Ribblesdale.

The Viking Recorder on the River Ouse in York shows levels are currently only 2.45 metres above normal summer levels.

But an associated forecast says levels will rise to 4.29 metres at 2:15am on Friday, which would cause significant flooding of some riverside properties.

However, experts acknowledge such forecasts come from a computer model and can change, and the Viking Recorder forecasts have been woefully inaccurate at times in the past.



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