Ex-IPL chief Lalit Modi hospitalised, placed on oxygen support

Former IPL chairman Lalil Modi (centre) accompanied by two doctors

Former IPL chairman Lalil Modi (centre) accompanied by two doctors
| Photo Credit: Instagram/@lalitkmodi

Former Indian Premier League chairman Lalit Modi was admitted to the hospital after a COVID-19 infection and pneumonia attack and has been placed on external oxygen support.

Mr. Modi posted the update on Instagram, saying that he was infected with COVID-19 twice in two weeks and had “profound pneumonia” after which he was hospitalised.

Along with this, he has also released his picture, captioned: “After 3 weeks in confinement with a double COVID in 2 weeks accompanied by influenza and deep pneumonia – and post trying several times to leave. Finally landed via air ambulance accompanied by two doctors and a superstar super-efficient son who did so much for me back in London. The flight was smooth. Unfortunately, still on 24/7 external oxygen.

Through Instagram, Lalit Modi said he was brought from Mexico to London after three weeks of hospitalisation.

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