Biker brands himself “f***ing idiot” after close call overtaking on corner

A MOTORBIKER has branded himself a “f***ing idiot” after sharing a close call of him overtaking on a corner and narrowly missing an oncoming car.

Steil Fraser had been making a journey through Forest Row in East Sussex last Tuesday when he came up behind a slow-moving car.

The 21-year-old decided to overtake, but is unaware of the oncoming car emerging from a bend, leaving him to swerve back into his lane and lambast himself for his “f****ing dumb” driving.

Footage from a camera mounted to his helmet shows Steil, from East Grinstead, West Sussex, quickly approaching a blue Suzuki Swift on a quiet road.

The self-employed floorer then makes a split-second decision to overtake, as he shifts into the oncoming lane and zooms past the car.

At the same time however, a landrover emerges around the bend quickly approaching him head-on.

Steil veers back into his lane and continues his journey after the near-miss, but launches into an amusing monologue criticising himself for his decision.

He says: “That was f***ing stupid. I shouldn’t have done that.

“Why did I fing do that? That was just stupid, on a f***ing bend as well.

“Yeah I’m gonna post that just to f***ing shame myself because that was f***ing dumb.

“Don’t ever do that, f***ing idiot.”

Steil uploaded the video to TikTok last week where it has received over 260,000 likes and over 1,600 comments from users who applauded Steil for his admittance.

One Tiktok user said: “Not stupid… just risky respect for the self-preservation.”

Another joked: “Don’t worry I’ve done worse in GTA.”

A third wrote: “Nothing more wholesome than learning and calling yourself out on something. Well done.”

Another user commented: “Poor judgement? Yeah. Sane and smart enough to admit you were dumb and learn from it? Definitely. Respect for owning the dumb moments.”

A fifth added: “I’ve had moments like this and feel like I want to go back and apologise to the other driver.”

Speaking today Steil said: “It’s not something I’m proud of and a lot of people seem to think it was alright but it isn’t…not on a bend especially, as it was closer than it seemed on camera.

Motorbiker Steil Fraser. Credits: Steil Fraser.

“I just felt it was a stupid decision and I didn’t assess the situation correctly.

“I wanted people to be aware it’s not sensible to do this hence why I posted it – the comments were more than comforting as many agreed I was in the wrong.

“Some did disagree but each to their own.”

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