Bengaluru metro pillar collapse: ‘Won’t take body till…’, says father of deceased woman

Bengaluru metro pillar collapse
Image Source : PTI Bengaluru metro pillar collapse

Bengaluru metro pillar collapse: Father of the deceased woman who lost her life on Tuesday after an under-construction metro pillar collapsed in Bengaluru denied accepting his daughter’s body till the contract was not cancelled. A woman along with her toddler died in the mishap while her husband and daughter were admitted to the hospital with injuries.    

“Till the contractor’s license is not cancelled, I won’t take the body. Who gave them permission to build such tall pillars? The tender should be cancelled and the work should be stopped. I will see what is to be done in court,” Madan Kumar, father of the deceased said.


‘Nothing was there in my hand’

Recalling the horrific moment, Lohit, the husband of the deceased said that he has lost everything. Expressing sorrow over the mishap and said in a message to the government to ensure such incidents do not occur again.

Narrating the ordeal of the incident, the husband said, “We were travelling in a two-wheeler. I was supposed to drop them to a concerned place and then leave from there. But this incident happened within a fraction of second. As I looked back, my wife and kid had fallen. Nothing was there in my hand.” He asked the government to take safety measures and precautions to avert any such occurrence in future. “What should I tell the government, I have lost everything. The government should only ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future. All the safety and precautions should be taken so that others do not have to face this situation,” he said.

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