BBC The Apprentice 2023: Bao buns slammed by Twitter

Week two of The Apprentice kicked off with Lord Sugar summoning the teams to The Shard in London to give them their next challenge.

The two teams were given the task of taking on the popular bao bun market and wowing two separate corporate clients.

While this may have sounded simple enough, viewers were less than impressed with what the teams produced with the particular aim being taken towards the male team.


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Viewers slam contestant bao buns on week two of The Apprentice 2023

Many took to Twitter to mock the bao buns produced by the boys as the buns looked slightly messy.

One user took to Twitter to say: “Nah the boys bao buns look terrible lol”

While another added: “The dinosaur bao made me heave”

One user mocked one contestant as he tried to roll bao buns using a saucepan, saying: “No wayyy is he rolling with a saucepan.”

Viewers criticise the price of the girls’ bao buns on The Apprentice 2023

Others were shocked by the price of the bao buns on offer from the girls’ team with one user saying: “£9 a bao bun? How the other half live.”

While another said: “Would people really spend £9 on one of these bun things?”

Despite criticism, the girls won week two after the boys undersold their products and lost money.

However, both teams received ire with one user saying: “Never mind both teams are a mess.”

The Apprentice airs every Thursday at 9 pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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