‘Ancient Hindus were sex, female-body-positive people…allowed to choose their clothes,’ says Uorfi Javed


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Mumbai, Jan 14: Taking a sly dig at Maharashtra Mahila Morcha president Chitra Kishor Wagh who accused her of ‘indulging in nudity publicly on the streets of Mumbai’, Hindi TV personality Uorfi Javed, known for her unconventional costumes, said that Hindus were sex and female-body-positive people.

Ancient Hindus were sex, female-body-positive people...allowed to choose their clothes, says Uorfi Javed

Taking to Twitter, she wrote wrote, “This is how ancient Hindu women used to dress. Hindus were liberal, educated, women were allowed to choose their clothes, actively participated in sports, politics. They were sex and female body-positive people. Go learn about Bhartiya Sanskriti first.”

She went on to say,”I’ll tell you what’s not part of ‘Bhartiya Sanskriti’ , rape , dance bars , politicians openly threatening to hit a women because of her clothes.”

”On one hand they want Hindu rashtra , on other hand they want to apply talibani rules of controlling women’s clothes . Hindu religion which is the oldest religion, is known to be very liberal towards women. Then what Sanskriti are you talking about?,” she wrote.

Earlier in the day, Mumbai Police recorded Uorfi Javed’s statement in connection with a complaint filed against her by Bharatiya Janata Party leader Chitra Wagh. Javed visted Amboli police station to record her statement after police summoned her for questioning, said a police official.

On January 4, the BJP leader took to micro-blogging platform Twitter and slammed Uorfi Javed for her dressing sense and asked if the women’s commission would do anything to it or not.

The BJP leader had lodged a complaint against actor for roaming on the streets by displaying her body. “No one could have imagined that the right to conduct, freedom of thought given by the Constitution would be manifested in such a subversive attitude,” Chitra Wagh wrote in her complaint letter. “If she wants to display her body, she must do it behind the four walls, but the actor may not be aware that she is fuelling the perverse attitude of the society,” the complaint letter read.

Uorfi Javed files complaint against BJP leader Chitra Kishor Wagh for her remarks on actor’s dressing senseUorfi Javed files complaint against BJP leader Chitra Kishor Wagh for her remarks on actor’s dressing sense

Slammed Maharashtra Mahila Morcha president Chitra for filing complaint against her body in public, Javed said,”I don’t even want a trial or that bullshit, I’m ready to go to jail right now if you disclose your and your family member’s assets. Tell the world how much a politician earns and from where. Also from time to time multiple men in your party have been accused of harassment etc never seen you doing anything for that women Mrs Chitra Wagh!.”

She then questioned whether these politicians do not have “no real thing to do” and called the lawyers and politicians as “dumb”. “There is literally no article in the constitution that can be put on person to person. Unless my private parts are seen, you can’t send me to jail. These people are only doing this for media attention. I got against human trafficking and sex trafficking in Mumbai which is still very much there. How about shutting those illegal dance Bars and prostitution which again exist everywhere in Mumbai (sic),” the former Bigg Boss Hindi contestant said.

Story first published: Sunday, January 15, 2023, 0:14 [IST]

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